Brand Manager - Dee Dierson


After graduating with two degrees from New York University, Dee’s professional experience began in Celebrity Talent & Creative Development at MTV Networks.  

Working behind the scenes at countless star-studded live events inspired her to follow her creative passion of hair and makeup artistry.  She eventually formed her own high end artistry company which has proven a tremendous success, thus far spanning 10 years, 2 coasts, and employing countless artists.  

She believes the great success of her company has a lot to do with her core philosophy: presenting oneself with professionalism and style in a way that stands out from the rest – with raw talent and skill to back it up.   

People always remember Dee for her classic style, positive attitude, and true reliability; which is why The Activity has brought her on to help exhibit what our team represents:  highly skilled, always reliable, and with a perpetual high-class level of edge.  

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