Senior Project Manager - Josh Spodick


With a background in both large scale music festivals and corporate event production, Josh decided to merge his expertise and join the niche that The-Activity is filling. Born and raised in Long Beach, NY, a suburb of New York City, with parents who loved music and the arts, he was always exposed to live events, both in theatre and concerts. Josh’s earliest memory is seeing Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Chicago playing at Jones Beach Theatre. After contemplating a career in business or law, Josh found his true passion of technical production and design while attending Binghamton University. While graduating cum laude with a degree in theatrical design and production, he grew an existing student production company as general manager and technical director, was involved in as many theatrical productions as he had time for, and toured with local production companies and the local IATSE. Josh was lucky enough to find work as an Asst. Technical Director at Production Glue, LLC in New York City after his sophomore year, where he got his first experience with high profile, award winning events and large scale production. While working with the corporate events teams, he earned the nickname of “rock-n-roll-Josh” while handling production for the first ever Governors Ball Music Festival and the Gone to Governors concert series.

After working with Emmy award winning and Guinness world record setting teams on high profile corporate events, Josh fully jumped into the music festival world with AG Production Services, where he was a production manager and draftsman on shows such as Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Coachella, to name just a few. At a young age, Josh’s portfolio includes senior roles on some of the largest music festivals in the country, record setting corporate events, two super bowls, guerrilla marketing campaigns, product launches, up-fronts, and private events.

Josh likes to keep learning on every event he is involved with, always broadening his range of knowledge, in an effort to adapt to any client’s needs; no matter how abnormal they may seem. Even if your event involves barges full of equipment to a deserted island, or complete infrastructure build out in the middle of the desert, Josh will work to make it happen.

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