Principle Designer - Patrick Dierson


Having grown up within the family of two Broadway actors, Patrick Dierson always had a backstage view of what it took to produce a successful theatrical spectacle. Originally from Long Island, N.Y., he has built an impressive career designing the lighting, projections, & sets for large-scale concerts, broadcast television, and corporate appearances. He spent two years studying Performance Theatre in college before jumping right into the technical end of the entertainment industry with an automated lighting equipment company, quickly moving on to a successful console programming career and, almost two decades later, is now a full-time production designer.

Dierson’s expertise has been called upon for numerous high-level productions, including the promotional world tour of Latin pop sensation Shakira, R&B artist R. Kelly’s “Double Up” concert tour, the Wynn Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, the MTV Video Music Awards, various appearances for artists on VH1, and numerous special events for the NFL, NBA, NHL, Volkswagen, Samsung and Walmart just to name a few.  His work is nothing short of presidential as well-being called upon to work with several past & present Commanders In Chief working closely with the White House Communications Agency.  He earned an Emmy® Award nomination for his work on the post September 11th musical telethon America: A Tribute to Heroes.

Most recently Patrick has left the team of Performance Environment Design Group, LLC as an associate designer & creative director.  He was also a partner in Idyll Hands Imagery, Inc. a company specializing in video content creation for the live entertainment industry.  As the president of Dierson Design Group, Inc. (est. 1998), with bases operating out of both New York City and Las Vegas, Patrick has most recently handled ongoing lighting design & direction duties for hip-hop entrepreneurs Jay-Z & Drake as well as being the Creative Director, Screens, & Music Producer for various entertainment productions, corporate industrials, and broadcast television specials.

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